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Building and fixing well-constructed fence and decks to your Cedar Park home

Wood Fence with Concrete

Fence Installation

We offer high-quality fence installation that increases privacy and security to your home yet still inviting to your neighbors.
Wooden Fence


We bring back your fence into its best condition while helping you to prevent future fence damages.
Wood Deck

Deck Repair and Installation

We help you transform your backyard with the finest quality materials we use for deck and repair installation.

Lower rate than other bids

At Cedar Park Fence & Deck – Repair and Installation, we provide you cost-effective options for your fence and deck installation. Yet, we don’t sacrifice the quality of materials to meet your budget.

Even though we’re giving you a good value for money, we guarantee that we offer a lower rate than other bids. Our competitive price sets us apart from our competitors. Do you want to see it for yourself? Send us a message and get a free estimated quote.

With years of experience, we have seen the type of materials that keep sturdy even in extreme weather conditions. And it’s our mission to provide you only those materials that can last for years. Because we use quality materials, we ensure that you receive an after support through our warranty service. The materials we use last for years but if unusual things happen, we have a warranty service that covers it.

Inventive design

As an outdoor home improvement expert, our company offers you well-designed fence and decks that complements your house. We have a number of projects in our portfolio that you can choose as an inspiration for your project. We understand that your preference is different from other clients so we welcome your unusual requests and inventive designs.

We enhance your design to meet industry standards. Even though you insist a higher fence, we insist for your safety.

We’re proud to say that our team has an attention to detail and these details are explained to you through our comprehensive quote. It’s our goal to work with you on the same page from start to finish.

Beyond the design, we discuss the condition of your yard. It’s not only about the slope we need to deal with but also hindrances like easements. Because it’s a legal issue, we ensure to tackle it during our initial meeting.

Powerhouse team

As much as we follow industry standards in building fence and decks, we also ensure that we comply with the policies set for contractors. We’re proud to say that every team member that visits your property during the initial meeting until the cleanup stage is insured. We take charge of contractor-related concerns so you’ll only think about during the entire project is the quality of our work.

Our team prefers that you tell them your point of view to keep them on track in meeting a quality output. Yet, we ensure that even we don’t have another set of eyes to check our work, we practice the basic safety practices in fence and decks repair and installation.

We understand how frustrating to find out that after a successful construction, you see your sprinkler pipe or water pipe busted. We’re proud to say that you’ll never experience it from us. We have a comprehensive checklist and technique that guide our team so they won’t miss the smallest details that are important to you.

Do you want our team to come on time? No problem. Our team shows up on scheduled meetings and they finish the job on time.

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